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Assemble and programme a spider robot using online lessons
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Why should you choose the robot?

Interactive robot
Assemble your robot spider and teach him to walk, gesticulate and dance; detect and avoid obstacles; obey the joystick and produce sound signals
Easy assembling
The parts fit together perfectly and are easy to put together. Screwdriver, special clips and screws are included. The construction is assembled without soldering
Start in robotics
Block Programming
A kit for the education of children and teenagers, allowing them to learn by playing and get practical experience in circuitry, engineering and programming
Drag and drop blocks with commands in Russian and improve your code development skills. Making programmes in the Enjoy Block space is easy and fun

Robot Quadruped

Improved version 2.0. The whole cycle of manufacturing from development to assembly is localised in Russia. We carefully monitor the quality of our kits. The parts are made of child-safe biodegradable PLA plastic.
#programming C++
The robot moves on 4 double-jointed legs; each of them is controlled by two servos. Programming Quadruped is not an easy task: the controller must manage eight motors in synchronization
Walks, waves and dances
Quadrupedcan do more than just walk, sneak and turn. With 4 legs, 2 servo joints and a simple block programme, it can perform spectacular gestures, complex movements and dances
A nimble and intelligent robot spider
Program the algorithms of his actions!
Notices and avoids obstacles
The spider robot estimates the distance to significant obstacles in advance and can avoid them. The HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder serves as the eyes of the robot
Controlled by joystick
The robot accurately follows the downloaded programme with the intended orders and algorithms. By connecting a joystick to the circuit, you can control the robot's movements in real time
Beeps and makes music
The Quadruped can also produce sounds of different pitch and duration. It can not only signal, but also play melodies thanks to the piezo speaker integrated in Enjoy Board.
Connect the servos to the Enjoy Board controller
Connect the rangefinder to the controller
Connect the joystick module
Learn to synchronise movements and sounds
Calibrate the robot and connect the limbs
Define the algorithm for reacting to obstacles in the Enjoy Block programming environment
Set sensitivity and speed of response in the programme
Work on a block program code of the piezo speaker

Our Enjoy Board

A universal platform for the smart devices of the future

Affordable software and easy connection

Suitable for household appliances and professional programmers' tasks

Recommended for mobile robotics controller

Our Enjoy Block programme

A graphical interface for learning programming from the age of 7. Developed by the Enjoy Robotics team in partnership with Ardublock.
Drag and drop blocks and create programmes without writing code. - The perfect tool to start learning the highly demanded C++ language


Electronic components
Details, materials and tools
Body parts
USB-B cable for the board connection to PC
Connecting wires
Enjoy Board with integrated piezo speaker
Nano ATmega328P controller
High-current Li-ion 3.7v 700mAh
9 SG-90 servos and a set of gearboxes
Clock button
Joystick module
Photoresistors (2 pieces)
Resistor set
LED set
Ultrasonic distance detector
Open the instruction
A step-by-step guide to assembly and set up the robot

How to get started

Download Enjoy Block
Programme with blocks in Russian - without code!
Do you have any questions?
Write to our technical support. We will promptly help you!


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Enjoy Robotics Console
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Download Enjoy Block

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