Assemble and Program Your Spider Bot with Engaging Lessons!
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Why Opt for This Robot?

Interactive Robot
Build and program your spider robot and teach it to walk, gesture, dance, sidestep obstacles and produce acoustic signals. Guide your robot in real time with a joystick
Easy Assembly
Experience effortless assembly with perfectly fitting parts. Screwdriver and special fasteners included. Clear guides make construction a breeze. No soldering required for assembly
Get Started in Robotics
An educational kit for children and teenagers that allows them to learn by playing and gain hands-on experience in circuitry, engineering, and programming
Block Coding
Explore the Enjoy Block graphical interface for simple and cool program creation. Easily drag and drop blocks containing algorithm parameters to develop your programming skills in enjoyable way!
#programming in C++

Meet the Quadruped

The new and improved version 2.0 of the spider robot is capable of performing a wide range of movements. The robot can walk, spin, sneak, wave, make sharp or smooth movements, and perform eye-catching dance maneuvers.

The robot is equipped with four double-jointed legs, each controlled by two servo drives. Programming the Quadruped is a challenging task due to the need to manage and synchronise eight precise motors
Walks, Waves, and Dances
Quadruped's versatility extends beyond basic locomotion like walking or turning. With four legs controlled by eight servos and a visual program, robot performs spectacular gestures, complex movements and dances
Nimble and Intelligent Spider Robot
Program Algorithms for its Actions!
Notices and Avoids Obstacles
The spider robot is capable of estimating the distance to significant obstacles in advance and can avoid them. The HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder serves as the robot's eyes
Joystick Controlled
The robot accurately follows the loaded program with the set commands and algorithms. By connecting a joystick to the circuit, you can control the robot's movements in real time
Honks and Plays Music
The Quadruped can produce sounds of different pitches and durations. The built-in piezo buzzer on the Enjoy Board let the robot to emit signals and play melodies
Connect the servos to the Enjoy Board shield
Connect the rangefinder to the controller
Connect the joystick module
Develop block software code for the piezo speaker
Calibrate the robot and connect the limbs
Define the algorithm for reacting to obstacles in the Enjoy Block programming environment
Adjust sensitivity and response speed in the program
Learn to synchronize robot movements and sounds
Enjoy Board is a universal platform for the smart devices of the future

Easy connection. Оpen-source and free software

Suitable for smart home appliances and professional programmers' tasks

Recommended for use as a mobile robotics shield

Our Manufactured Board

Our Own Program

Enjoy Block is a graphical interface for learning programming and robotics from the age of 7. Developed by the Enjoy Robotics team in collaboration with Ardublock.
Drag and drop simple blocks to create programs without writing code. Use any robotic platform and educational kit. Enjoy Block is the perfect tool to start learning the in-demand C++ programming language

What's Included

Electronic components
Parts, materials
and tools
PLA eco-plastic body parts
USB data cable
Connecting wires
Enjoy Board with built-in piezo speaker
Nano ATmega328P controller
Rechargeable Li-ion AA battery 3.7V
Servo motors SG90 with a set of horns
Tact switch
Joystick module
Resistor set
LED set
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Open the Manual
A step-by-step guide to assembly and set up the robot

How to Get Started

Download Enjoy Block
Visual block-based programming
without code writing
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