The simplicity of our hard- and software allows you to learn mechanics, physics, circuitry, electronics and programming in a playful and enjoyable way!

Enjoy Robotics Electronics and Coding Laboratory
We design and produce STEAM* Educational Kits and Courses for kids and adults. Assemble and Program Your Own Robot, Device or Smart System!

* — Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts and Mathematics


Learn in Enjoyable Way!
Learn in Enjoyable Way!

Российское производство электронных наборов на базе Arduino, ESP32 и разработанной нами визуальной блочной среды программирования Enjoy Block

Graphical interface of Enjoy Block teaches you programming from childhood
Comprehensible manuals, exciting videos and online lessons
All kinds of robots and systems based on Arduino, ESP32 and Enjoy Board
Thoughtful design solutions. High quality and reliability of products
Mastering the programming languages Enjoy Block, Scratch, C++ and Python
Fast and empathetic technical support by phone, Email, WhatsApp and Telegram
Quadruped v2.0
Enjoy Robotics Console
an improved version of spider robot
solder a mini retro gaming system!

Our kits

They learn the basics of science and modern technologies. Taking first steps to master the principles of circuitry, electronics and programming.
Assembling and programming a robot is an exciting and educational process. During it children building skills of project planning, goal-setting, problem-solving and achieving success on their own

Сборка И программирование по увлекательным урокам

Drag and drop simple blocks of code is an easy way to begin. Visual-based programming languages like Enjoy Block and Scratch helps kids to learn coding fundamentals and move on to C++ and Python. Both are the most popular and beginner-friendly programming languages

Easy-to-Learn Programming

Customer Service Team

Every kit includes all you'll need to build. Our tech support will answer any of your questions in detail

Detailed and Comprehensible Instructions

We compose clear text manuals and make exciting video courses

Affordable Prices

All Kits are Tested!

We test all of our kits at the "Inventors' Incubator" children's camp. More than 10,000 kids have already made their own robots and smart systems with our kits

Quality Materials

We use reliable components. The body parts are made of non-toxic materials: biodegradable PLA plastic, acrylic and plywood.

Designed and Manufactured with Care

We handle everything essential ourselves: from educational concepts and new designs to an intuitively understandable programming environment and detailed video instructions.
We work to make technical and programming skills availiable for all boys and girls. To let them learn in enjoyable way!

Assembling Without Soldering

Three Months Warranty

+ DIY soldering kits for adults and kids

+ constant technical support and guidance

We make learning robotics and programming accessible to everyone! Our prices are several times lower than those of our competitors

Creating programmes from blocks with Russian commands is an ideal start for beginners. Starting with the block programming language Enjoy Block or Scratch makes it easier to move on to the highly demanded C++ and Phyton programming languages и Phyton

Creating programs using blocks of commands in Russian is the perfect starting point for beginners. Starting with block-based programming languages like EnjoyBlock or Scratch makes it easier to transition to in-demand languages like C++ and Python
Access to text manuals and video course

EACH KIT Includes

All necessary tools and fasteners
Quality package
Highly qualified technical support
PLA eco-plastic body parts
Reliable electronic components
Enjoy Board
Universal platform for smart devices of the future.

Easy connection; open-source and free software.

Suitable for smart home ampliances and for professional programmers' tasks.

Recommended for use as a mobile robotics shield.


• A versatile platform for the intelligent devices of the future.

• Accessible software and easy connection

• Suitable for household devices and for solving tasks of professional programmers.

• Recommended for use as a mobile robotics controller.

Enjoy Block
A graphical interface for learning programming and robotics from the age of 7. Developed by the Enjoy Robotics team in collaboration with Ardublock.

Drag and drop simple blocks of code tocreate programs without writing code. Use any robot platform and learning kit. Enjoy Block is the perfect tool to start learning the in-demand C++ programming language



of positive feedback
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Tim Kozlov
A combat robot
is power!
Zhanna Bykova
It's interesting when you do it yourself and it works how you want
Danil Artsibashev
The kits are clear and well thought out. Looking forward to new releases
Dima Nikitin
Built my Otto, he's awesome!
negative reviews
are valuable for us as opportunities to learn and grow
Kolya and Styopa
The house looks like it's from the future! It sees and does everything by itself
Grigory Sokolov
Leo's dad
Figured it out with my son. Works great! Easy-to-use program
Maria Mironova
Oleg's mom
A cool educational toy for boys and dads)
Sofia Muratova
It's fascinating to understand how it all works
Our kits, electronic solutions and software will help you realise your ideas and projects


Schools and
robotics clubs
DIY projects
and start-ups
Home schooling


We can create a new product for your business, develop an educational programme for a school or club, equip a showroom or classroom for lessons.

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