Assemble and Program Dancing Robot Through Engaging Online Course
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Why Choose this Robot?

Interactive Robot
Build and program your own cute Otto! Teach the robot to walk, spin and dance; detect and avoid obstacles; produce sound signals. Control your robot in real time with a joystick
Easy Assembly

Parts fit perfectly together and easily connect. Screwdriver, special clamps and screws; clear text instructions and video lessons included. The kit assembles without soldering
Gateway to Robotics
Visual Programming
An educational kit for children and teenagers, allowing them to learn by playing and gaining practical experience in circuitry, engineering, and programming
Creating programs in the Enjoy Block environment is simple and engaging. Drag and drop blocks with commands and algorithm parameters. Develop your programming skills easily!

Otto Dancing Robot

Otto, the robot, boasts an array of impressive abilities. From walking, turning, and spinning to intricate dance maneuvers, Otto can do it all. With an ultrasonic distance sensor, Otto effortlessly navigates obstacles.

Teach Otto a variety of dance routines, from graceful moonwalks to energetic tap performances. Enjoy its diverse sound capabilities, producing various signals and melodies. Bring to life the animated character from David Milgrim's book "Go, Otto, Go!"
Walks, Spins and Dances
Otto robot can do more than just walk and spin. Two precise servo motors control each of the robot's legs, and a program containing simple blocks of code will teach it funny and eye-catching movements
Funny and Quick-Witted Robot
Develop Algorithms for its Actions!
Notices and Avoids Obstacles
Otto estimates the distance to big obstacles in advance and can avoid them. The HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder acts as the robot's eyes
Joystick Controlled
The robot precisely follows the loaded program with predetermined commands and algorithms. By connecting the joystick to the circuit, you can control the robot's movements in real-time
Honks and Plays Music
Funny dancing robot can produce sounds of different pitches and durations. Thanks to the built-in piezo buzzer on the Enjoy Board, the robot can not only emit signals but also play melodies
Connect the servos to the Enjoy Board shield
Calibrate the robot and assemble its limbs
Connect the rangefinder to the controller
Define the algorithm for reacting to obstacles in the Enjoy Block programming environment
Connect the joystick module
Adjust sensitivity and response speed in the program
Develop block software code for the piezo buzzer
Learn to synchronize movements and sounds

Our Manufactured Board

Enjoy Board is a universal platform for smart devices of the future
Easy connection, open-source and free software

Suitable for smart home appliances and for solving tasks of professional programmers

Recommended for use as a mobile robotics shield

Our Own Program

Enjoy Block is a graphical interface for learning programming and robotics from the age of 7. Developed by the Enjoy Robotics team in collaboration with Ardublock.

Drag and drop simple blocks to create programs without writing code.
Use any robot platform and learning kit. Enjoy Block is the perfect tool to start learning the in-demand C++ programming language

What's Included

Electronic Components
Parts, Materials,
and Tools
PLA eco-plastic body parts
USB data cable
Connecting wires
Enjoy Board with built-in piezo speaker
Nano ATmega328P controller
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion AA battery 3.7V
4 × SG-90 servo
and a horn set
Tackt button
Joystick module
2 × photoresistor
Resistor set
LED set
Ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04

Open the Manual
Step-by-step guide to assembling and setting up the robot

How to Get Started

Download Enjoy Block
Visual block-based programming
without code writing
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