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Gaming Console

DIY Soldering Kit
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What Makes this Kit Stand Out?

Retro Gaming Console

Dive into the nostalgia of beloved and fun retro games with our portable gaming console, powered by open-source software.
8-bit games of the past are great again!
Engaging DIY Assembly
Soldering the gaming console offers an immersive and rewarding way to spend time. Hone your soldering skills and explore the realm of electronic devices!
Electronics Made Easy
Visual Programming
Our educational kit for assembling the gaming console provides valuable practical electronics knowledge, laying the foundation for future ideas and projects!
Creating programs in the Enjoy Block environment is simple and engaging. Drag and drop simple blocks of code and develop your programming skills easily

Enjoy Robotics Retro Gaming System

Do-It-Yourself soldering kit.

Craft and customize your wireless gaming console with open-source code based on the Arduino hardware platform!

With 32KB of flash memory, enjoy up to 500 different 8-bit retro games.

Step-by-Step Guidance and tutorial videos included!


Play Timeless Classics

Indulge in the excitement of playing classic games on the console you built, featuring both beloved retro titles and specially adapted favorites. All Enjoy Robotics console games come in HEX format, compatible with Arduino's programming code.

Easily upload HEX files to the console controller using the XLoader program: simply specify the game file's path and the USB port to which the board is connected, then click 'Upload'. Ready! Let the gaming begin!

What's included

Electronic components
Input devices and wiring
Printed circuit
board for soldering components
Nano ATmega328P
OLED dispay
Piezo speaker
9 tact switches
2 female connectors 15 pin
Rechargeable Lithium-ion
AA battery 3.7V
Slider switch
Battery holder
Solder iron not included!
2 Schottky diodes
USB data cable
Open the Manual
Step-by-step guide to solder
and set up your game console

How to Get Started

Download Enjoy Block
Visual block-based programming without code writing
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Contact our technical support.
We will promptly assist you!
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