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"Cyberflower" is ideal for getting started in robotics and programming. The child gets acquainted with electronics: how photoresistors, resistors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) work, then he gives commands to the computer and immediately sees their implementation.

The flower can be taught:

• to turn round at different speeds
• to find the brightest light source in the room
• to play programmed melodies
• LEDs, included into the set, change colors
Spider-robot "Quadropod" is suitable for those children who want to carry out a really interesting robotics project and get advanced C++ programming skills. The child defines the algorithmic functions with the help of which he will teach his robot:

The Quadruped can be taught:

• to walk
• to turn around
• to dance
• to detect and avoid obstacles

How we program
mBlock is a program in the language called Scratch 3.0, with the help of which the child can learn the basics of programming without having any knowledge in Math, English or coding
C++ is one of the most popular programming languages, which allows the students to quickly integrate into complex programming.
Having basic knowledge of work with C ++, the student can easily switch to any other programming language.
What skills does the course develop?
Understanding the electronic circuits and mechanisms
Self-dependence and work for results
Programming fundamentals
Originality and
technical creativity
Application of physics laws in practice
Course benefits
Useful hobby instead of surfing the Internet
We offer to create an incredibly interesting project by your own hands instead of playing computer games and wasting time on YouTube or TikTok. The child will get fascinated from the first lesson
More than just programming
The child gives a command and immediately sees the result - the light comes on, the door opens, the alarm goes off, the data are displayed on the LCD screen. We will help you create a smart system where everything works as a clock
Highly-qualified teachers
Our teachers are graduates of leading technology universities, practicing researchers, specialists with considerable working experience in clubs and schools of robotics, constantly improving and mastering their knowledge and professional skills
Our team
Victoria Voevodina
Yury Yaurov
School teacher
Nina Niederer
Alexander Sysoev
Director, senior methodologist
School teacher
Vlad Shamshurin
Artem Medvedev
Market researcher
Nikita Arutinov
Marina Vasilieva
Videographer, SMM specialist
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2 990 ₽
1 990 $
Arduino UNO
8 - 12 years old
С ++
4 900 $
Arduino NANO
5 990 ₽
10 - 16 years old
A set+onlaine course
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A set+onlaine course
Programming language
Platform (board)
Number of projects
Parts in the set
Number of lessons
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